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My anime list

WELCOME to my blog :)

Name: Diane

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Aquarius / Year of the Pig (Lunar Calendar) & Year of the Rat

Race:Asian American


  • Drawing
  • Music (mostly asian XD)
  • Anime / Manga
  • Yaoi / BL
  • Asian Dramas
  • Candy / Sweets
  • Blue
  • Noodles!!
  • Cats 


  • School / Homework
  • Reading
  • Spiders, Clowns, Heights
If there is anything else that u would like to know about me feel free to ask!! i love getting asks ^^ YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING!! dont worry i wont judge or hate ^^

I just graduated High School in June of 2014, I currently live in the US and im unsure of what to be in the future (architecture maybe?). I am shy in real life, and on the internet…sometimes..o.o. This is my personal blog where i reblog (my life’s not interesting enough to post things here =.=) random things…. mainly full of my interests :D. NOTHING on here is mine unless said otherwise:) (like my instagram pictures) Feel free to look around my blog. ENJOY~<3

If you want to know what other animes or mangas i’ve read and watched that was not in my very short anime list… go here!! 

would you like to know my playlist?

  1. 02 02. Prologue
  2. 04 Kimi=Hana piano ver.
  3. 12 12. もやもやする
  4. 14 14. Aioi ~ piano ver
  5. 16 16. 募る恋心
Hey there~! Tillie here ^^
~What You May See On Here:
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