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FAQ / About Me

WELCOME to my blog :)

Name: Diane

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Aquarius / Year of the Pig (Lunar Calendar) & Year of the Rat

Race:Asian American


  • Drawing
  • Music (mostly asian XD)
  • Anime / Manga
  • Yaoi / BL
  • Asian Dramas
  • Candy / Sweets
  • Blue
  • Noodles!!
  • Cats 


  • School / Homework
  • Reading
  • Spiders, Clowns, Heights
If there is anything else that u would like to know about me feel free to ask!! i love getting asks ^^ YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING!! dont worry i wont judge or hate ^^

I am going to be a SENIOR in high school (FINALLY), in the US and is unsure of what to be in the future (undecided maybe?). I am shy in real life, and on the internet…maybe..o.o. This is my personal blog where i reblog (my life’s not interesting enough to post things here =.=) random things…. mainly full of my interests :D. NOTHING on here is mine unless said otherwise…:) Feel free to look around my blog. ENJOY~<3

would you like to know my playlist?

  1. 02 02. Prologue
  2. 04 Kimi=Hana piano ver.
  3. 12 12. もやもやする
  4. 14 14. Aioi ~ piano ver
  5. 16 16. 募る恋心
Hey there~! Tillie here ^^
~What You May See On Here:
Photography ● Food ● Gifs ● Anime ● Manga ● Yaoi ● etc ----------------NOTE Everything belongs to their respected owners ^^ ----------------Check my FAQ page for more^^----------------WELCOME & ENJOY~ ©